LocationName Of Lodge And No.Day Of Meeting
AgraStar Of Agra,  No.362Nd Friday Of Every Month
AhmedabadFellowship,  No.1404Th Saturday (Except May)
AjmerFriendship,  No.471St Saturday Of Every Month (2Nd Saturday In Mar)
AligarhLight Of Aligarh,  No.2193Rd Saturday Of Every Month
AllahabadIndependence With Philanthropy,  No.2Second Friday (Except June)
AllahabadUnity,  No.293Rd Friday Of Every Month (Except May,June)
AllahabadKamal At Sangam,  No.2661St Saturday(Except May & June)
AllahabadG.P.Tandon,  No.2954Th Saturday (Except May & June)
AlleppeyAlleppey,  No.2753Rd Thursday Of Every Month
Ambala Cantt.Charity,  No.8First Wednesday Of Every Month
Amravati CampBerar,  No.284Th Friday Of Every Month
AmritsarUniversal Brotherhood,  No.1001St Saturday (Except July,Aug.,Sept.)
AnakapalleSteel City,  No.3391St Sunday Of Every Month
AnakapalliRamalinga,  No.2654Th Saturday Of Every Month
AsansolAsansol,  No.2512Nd Sunday (Except May,June,Oct)
AurangabadEllora,  No.3432Nd Saturday In Every Month
AzamgarhFriendship On Tamsa,  No.3031St Saturday Except May & June
BangaloreBangalore,  No.152Nd Tuesday Of Every Month
BangaloreUnited Services,  No.584Th Wednesday Of Every Month
BangaloreGibbs,  No.863Rd Thursday Of Every Month
BangaloreStar Of The South,  No.1011St Saturday Of Every Month
BangaloreThirunal,  No.1793Rd Saturday Of Every Month
BangaloreSainik,  No.1962Nd Monday Of Every Month
BangaloreProfessionals,  No.2682Nd Wednesday Of Every Month
BangaloreSanjeevini,  No.3001St Friday (Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov)
BangaloreKarnataka Masters,  No.325Ist Sunday Of Feb,May,Aug,Nov
BangaloreSaatvik,  No.3703Rd Monday Of Every Month
BareillyKashi Nath,  No.2314Th Sunday (Except May & June)
BarodaTyrrell Leith,  No.431St Saturday Of Every Month
BarodaBaroda,  No.2392Nd Saturday Of Every Month
BarrackporeUbique,  No.531St Sunday Of Every Month
BelgaumVictoria,  No.9First Saturday Of Every Month
BellaryGoodwill,  No.5Second Saturday Of Every Month
BerhampurUtkal,  No.1932Nd Thursday Of Every Month
BhopalBhopal,  No.1543Rd Saturday Of Every Month
BhopalCherian,  No.1833Rd Tuesday(Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov)
BhopalHarawtar,  No.2024Th Friday Of Every Month  (Except April & May)
BhopalSanchi,  No.2472Nd Saturday (Except May & Jun)
BhopalBhojpur Past Masters,  No.2612Nd Friday Of Feb,May,Aug,Nov
BhopalSabarmati,  No.2712Nd Friday Of Every Month (Except May)
BhopalVindhyachal,  No.3051St Saturday (Except Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov)
BhopalBhojpal,  No.3723Rd Friday Of Jan,Apr,Jul,Oct
BhubaneswarLingaraj,  No.3073Rd Thursday Of Every Month
CalicutCalicut,  No.2373Rd Saturday Of Every Month
ChandigarhYadavindra,  No.1411St Sunday Of Every Month
ChandigarhChandimandir,  No.2382Nd Monday In Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov
ChandigarhChandigarh,  No.2414Th Sunday (Feb, April, June, August, Oct, Dec)
ChandigarhMount Shivalik,  No.2832Nd Saturday Of Every Month
ChandigarhIndian Speculatives,  No.375Ist Sunday Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov
ChennaiMount,  No.141St Saturday Of Every Month
ChennaiCarnatic,  No.393Rd Saturday (Except May & June)
ChennaiJustitia,  No.822Nd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May & June)
ChennaiAsoka,  No.934Th Saturday Of Every Month
ChennaiMadras Masters,  No.1031St & 3Rd Meet Coinciding With Rgl 2Nd&4Th On 1St Jun,1St Dec
ChennaiShanthi,  No.1462Nd Friday(Except May & June)
ChennaiSri Brahadeeswara,  No.1502Nd Friday Of Every Month
ChennaiVidya,  No.1641St Monday Of Every Month
ChennaiSrinivasa Gopala,  No.1901St Friday Of Every Month (Excpet May & June)
ChennaiC.A.Ramakrishnan,  No.1924Th Saturday (Except May,June,Dec)
ChennaiAccountants,  No.1943Rd Thursdayof Every Month (Except May)
ChennaiVeeraswami,  No.2001St Friday Of Every Month (Except May &June)
ChennaiHarmony,  No.2171St Thursday Of Feb,Mar,Aug,Sep,Nov,Dec,Last Friday In Apr & Ist Sat In July
ChennaiOm Vighneswara,  No.2183Rd Friday Of Every Month
ChennaiRamaprasad,  No.2284Th Wednesday Of Every Month (Except Apr,May,Jun)
ChennaiMount Charity,  No.2322Nd Thursday Of Every Month
ChennaiChennai,  No.3171St Saturday Of Every Month (Excpet Apr,May, Jun)
ChennaiMillennium,  No.3273Rd Saturday (Except Apr,May,Jun,Dec)
ChennaiEngineers,  No.3401St Wednesday Of Every Month Except May & Jun
ChennaiG.K.Selvarajan,  No.3654Th Friday Of Every Month(Except May & Dec)
ChennaiPrudentia,  No.3691St Saturday In Jan,Mar,Apr,Sep,Oct,Ist Wednesday In Feb 2Nd Satur In Aug & Nov ,
Ist Fri In Dec & One Regular Outstation Meeting In The Month Of May,
June Or July At Any Masonic Center In S.I.
ChikkamagalurMalnad,  No.3564Th Saturday Of Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct,Dec
ChittoorMurray Hammick,  No.902Nd Saturday Of Every Month
CochinSusruta,  No.2983Rd Saturday Of Every Month
CochinKerala Masters,  No.309Penaltimate Sunday In Feb., May, Aug, Nov
CochinAnanth,  No.3152Nd Sunday Of Every Month
CochinVembanad,  No.3193Rd Friday Of Every Month
CochinKarunya,  No.360First Tuesday Of Every Month
CoimbatoreCoimbatore,  No.1722Nd Friday Of Every Month
CoimbatoreConcord,  No.2041St Saturday(Feb,April,June,Aug,Oct,Dec)
CoimbatoreG.K.Devarajulu,  No.2213Rd Tuesday Of Every Month (Except Mar,May,Dec)
CoimbatoreSeven Stars,  No.225Last Friday Of Every Month (Except Jan,May & Sept)
CoimbatoreZenith,  No.2583Rd Friday Of Every Month
CoimbatoreRound Table,  No.2822Nd Tuesday Of Every Month (Except Apr, May, Dec)
CoimbatoreMeridian,  No.2873Rd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May & Dec)
CourtallamAruvi,  No.293Last Saturdayin Feb,April,Jun To Aug,Nov
CuttackBarabati,  No.3231St Thursday Of Every Month
DehradunSiwalik Dr.Durga Prasad,  No.623Rd Thursday Of Every Month
DelhiJumna,  No.181St Saturday Of Every Month
DelhiPragati,  No.2673Rd Saturday Of Every Month
DelhiIshwar,  No.2994Th Wednesday Of Every Month
DelhiCivil Lines,  No.3104Th Saturday (Except Apr & Jun)
DelhiMaharaja,  No.3113Rd Friday (Except May,June)
DelhiMayur,  No.3333Rd Friday In Jan,Mar,Apr, May,Jul,Sep,Nov,Dec
DeoriaNagendra,  No.348Last Saturday In Jan,Feb,Apr,Jul,Sep,Nov
DhanbadDhanbad,  No.951St Friday Of Every Month
DharwadDharwad,  No.542Nd Saturday Of Every Month
ErnakulamErnakulam,  No.2432Nd Saturday Of Every Month
ErodeKalingaraya,  No.2204Th Sunday Of Every Month
FaizabadAjodhya-On-Sarju,  No.131St Saturday Of Every Month
FaridabadRohilla Star,  No.353Rd Saturday Of Every Month
Ferozepore CanttNorthern Star,  No.211St Monday Of Every Month
GadagKritapura,  No.3572Nd Saturday Of Every Month
GhaziabadJailene,  No.2302Nd Saturday Of Every Month
GobichettipalayamSakthi,  No.2882Nd Sunday Of Every Month (Except May,Sep,Dec)
GorakhpurNipal,  No.381St Thursday Of Every Month
GorakhpurWallace,  No.993Rd Saturday Of Every Month
GorakhpurGorakhpur,  No.1572Nd Saturday Of Every Month
GorakhpurLions Of Eastern India,  No.1821St Wednesday (Feb,April,June,Aug,Nov,Dec)
GorakhpurGorakhnath Past Masters,  No.2861St Saturday (Jan,Apr,July, Oct)
GorakhpurPoorvanchal,  No.3452Nd Sunday Of Apr, Sep, Dec
GorakhpurRapti,  No.3554Th Sunday Of Jan,Feb,Mar,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec
GunturColonel Choudhary,  No.201Last Sunday Of Every Month
GurgaonDronacharya,  No.2853Rd Saturday Of Every Month
GuwahatiKamrup,  No.3023Rd Saturday (Except Jun, Jul)
GwaliorScindia,  No.882Nd Saturday(Except May & June)
HisarNityanand,  No.3303Rd Saturday Of Every Month
HospetVijaynagar,  No.2794Th Saturday Of Every Month
HubliHubli,  No.443Rd Saturday Of Every Month
HubliLyons Centenary,  No.2741St Saturday Of Every Month
HyderabadDeccan,  No.202Nd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May)
HyderabadMorland,  No.254Th Thursday Of Every Month (Except May)
HyderabadHyderabad,  No.501St Friday Of Every Month
HyderabadPerfect,  No.2641St Saturday Of Every Month Except May
HyderabadBhagyanagar Masters,  No.3262Nd Friday Of Mar,Jun,Sep And Dec
HyderabadEngineers,  No.3363Rd Friday Of Every Month Except May
HyderbadKeys,  No.2971St Wednesday Of Every Month (Except May)
IndoreMalwa,  No.371St Saturday Of Every Month
IndoreBhore Ghaut,  No.832Nd Saturday Of Every Month
IndoreCentral India,  No.84Last Saturday Of Every Month
IndorePort Of Bombay,  No.1533Rd Saturday Of Every Month
IndoreIndore Past Masters,  No.3683Rd Friday Of Feb, May,Aug,Nov
JabalpurNarmada,  No.2243D Friday Of Every Month
JaipurKohinoor,  No.1393Rd Wednesday Of Every Month
JalandharHarmandir,  No.1702Nd Sunday Except Jul,Aug
JalandharHarballabh,  No.2401St Saturday Of Every Month
JammuRaghunathji,  No.2553Rd Saturday Of Every Month
JamshedpurTata,  No.1152Nd Saturday Of Every Month
JamshedpurLight Of Zoroaster,  No.2224Th Saturday (Feb,April,June,Aug,Nov,Dec)
JhansiRock Of Gwalior,  No.163Rd Friday Of Every Month
JhansiRani Jhansi,  No.1772Nd Saturday Of Every Month
JhansiBundelkhand,  No.306Ist Satuday In Every Month
JodhpurMarwar,  No.3012Nd Friday (1St Saturday In March)
JorehutJorehaut,  No.3531St Thursday Of Jun,Sep,Nov & 1St Sunday Of Aug
KakinadaKakinada,  No.199Last Saturday Of Every Month
KalkaExcelsior,  No.603Rd Saturday Of Every Month
KannurCannanore,  No.2341St Friday Of Every Month
KannurWestern Star,  No.3633Rd Sunday In Feb,Apr,Jun, Aug,Oct, Dec
KanpurGanges,  No.482Nd Saturday Of Every Month
KanpurHindustan,  No.1141St Wednesday (Except June & July)(3Rd Saturday In Feb)
KanpurAncient Landmarks,  No.1303Rd Wednesday Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sept,Nov
KanpurSuryoday,  No.1433Rd Saturday(Except May & June)
KanpurAryavarta,  No.1452Nd Wednesday (Except May & June)
KanpurShah Jairotary,  No.1601St Saturday (Except May & June)
KanpurRatan,  No.1752Nd Monday (Except June & July)
KanpurRai Bahadur Behari Lal,  No.2151St Sunday (Except June, July)
KanpurKailashpat,  No.2234Th Sunday (Except May & June)
KanpurFragrance,  No.2362Nd Sunday (Except May & June) Installation On 2Nd Sunday
KanpurGopal,  No.2523Rd Sunday (Except June & July)
KanpurSiddhartha,  No.3613Rd Friday Of Every Month Except May & June
KanyakumariVivekananda,  No.2542Nd Saturday Of Every Month
KarnalKaran,  No.2443Rd Saturday Of Every Month (Inst.In Feb Of 2Nd Sunday)
KasargodeKasargode,  No.2571St Saturday Of Every Month
KhandwaCoronation,  No.642Nd Saturday Of Every Month
KharagpurUnity & Perseverance,  No.732Nd Saturday Of Every Month
Kirkee (Pune)Level,  No.413Rd Friday Of Every Month
Kirkee (Pune)Engineers,  No.1204Th Monday Of Every Month
Kirkee (Pune)Raksha Dal,  No.1661St Wednesday Every Month, In Jan.2Nd Wed.
Kirkee(Pune)Poona Past Masters,  No.1671St Saturday(Feb,May,Aug,Nov)
KochiSarvothama,  No.1761St Saturday Of Every Month
KodaikanalKodaikanal,  No.2352Nd Saturday(Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov,Dec)
KolkataAnchor & Hope,  No.1Third Tuesday (Except Oct.)
KolkataCourage With Humanity,  No.3Third Saturday (Except May,Oct)
KolkataSt.David In The East,  No.11Second Saturday (Except Oct.)
KolkataSt.Thomas In The East,  No.123Rd Saturday (Except May & Oct)
KolkataMount Everest Lebong,  No.52Last Wednesday(Except May & Oct)
KolkataPeace & Concord,  No.631St Tuesday (Except May & Oct)
KolkataDuke Of Abercorn,  No.67Last Saturday (Jan.,March,May,July,Sept.,Nov.)
KolkataH.M.Rustomjee,  No.681St Saturday (Except March & Oct.)
KolkataGood Fellowship,  No.714Th Saturday Except May, Oct
KolkataSir Andrew Fraser,  No.723Rd Tuesday In Jan,Feb,Mar,Jun,Jul,Aug,Oct,Dec
KolkataSt.Mary,  No.751St Tuesday(Except Oct)
KolkataTrue Brotherhood,  No.762Nd Saturday(Except May & Oct.)
KolkataStanley,  No.781St Friday (Except June, Oct.)
KolkataJagat Banerjee,  No.983Rd Friday (Except Oct.)
KolkataBarr Pollock,  No.1254Th Tuesday (Except Feb,May,July,Oct,Dec)
KolkataCharterd Accountants,  No.1522Nd Saturday (Except March,May,Oct.)
KolkataShyam Kinkor,  No.1841St Saturday(Except May & Oct)
KolkataSisir Ghosh,  No.1913Rd Tuesday(Jan,March,May,July,Sept,Nov)
KolkataChetan Shahani,  No.1982Nd Friday (Jan,Feb,April,June,Aug,Nov.)
KolkataSomesh Sengupta,  No.346Ist Thursday In May Aug Nov Mar
KolkataCalcutta,  No.3492Nd Tuesday Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov
KolkataProfessionals,  No.350Iind Friday Of Feb,May,Aug,Nov
KollamVanchinad,  No.2731St Sunday Of Every Month
Kota (Rajstan)Chambal,  No.2423Rd Sunday Of Every Month
KottayamKottayam,  No.245Last Saturday Of Every Month Except In Dec When On 3Rd Saturday
KumbakonamMahamaham,  No.3412Nd Saturday Of Every Month Except April, May
Kurnool (A.P.)Rayala Sundaram,  No.1812Nd Saturday Of Every Month
LucknowMorning Star,  No.7First Saturday Of Every Month
LucknowIndependence,  No.333Rd Saturday Of Every Month
LucknowU.P.Masters,  No.1343Rd Sunday (Jan.,April,Sept.,Nov.)
LucknowBharat Jyoti,  No.1441St Sunday Of Every Month
LudhianaVishwakarma,  No.1733Rd Saturday Of Every Month
MadikeriCoorg,  No.552Nd Tuesday (Except June,July,Aug.)
MaduraiPandyan,  No.491St Saturday Of Every Month (Except May)
MaduraiRajasabai,  No.2123Rd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May )
MaduraiMeenakshi,  No.2694Th Saturday Of Every Month (Except May)
MangaloreMangalore,  No.156Last Saturday Of Every Month
MangalorePrerana,  No.3132Nd Satuday Of Every Month
Margao-GoaGomantak,  No.2483Rd Saturday Of Every Month
Mathura Cantt.Ligonier,  No.512Nd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May,Jun,Jul)
MeerutHope,  No.4First Saturday Of Every Month
MeerutClair,  No.57Last Sunday Of Every Month
MirajSahyadri,  No.3513Rd Saturday Of Every Month
MohaliS.A.S.Nagar,  No.2912Nd Sunday Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov
MoradabadFidelity,  No.403Rd Wednesday Of Every Month
MumbaiEastern Star,  No.173Rd Tuesday In Jan,Mar,Jun,Jul,Sep,Nov
MumbaiIslam,  No.273Rd Saturday (Except May)
MumbaiAryan,  No.301St Monday In Jan,Feb,May,Jun,Sep & Nov
MumbaiHiram,  No.322Nd Friday Of Alternate Month
MumbaiThe Sir Lawrence Jenkins,  No.704Th Saturday(Except May & Oct.)
MumbaiDeolali,  No.914Th Saturday (Except July & Aug.)
MumbaiJennings,  No.1024Th Friday (Except May,Jul)
MumbaiCornwallis,  No.1073Rd Friday Of Alternate Month
MumbaiReginald Spence,  No.1093Rd Tuesday (Except May,June,Oct)
MumbaiMother India,  No.1103Rd Friday In Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug,Oct, Dec
MumbaiVishwanath,  No.1112Nd Wednesday(Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct & Dec)
MumbaiSohrab Davar,  No.1131St Wednesday(Except Jan.,May,Sept)
MumbaiStar Of India,  No.1182Nd Thursday (Except May)
MumbaiAshok,  No.122Last Working Day(Except Feb,May,Sept,Dec)
MumbaiRepublic,  No.123Last Week Day(Except Feb,May,Oct,Dec)
MumbaiChartered Accountant,  No.1313Rd Thursday In Feb,Jun,Oct,Dec
MumbaiStar Of Rampur,  No.136Last Friday Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov
MumbaiArtificers,  No.1383Rd Friday (Except May & Oct)
MumbaiFulchand Patel,  No.1634Th Satuday Except Apr, Oct
MumbaiManockjee Cursetjee,  No.1852Nd Monday (Jan.,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov)
MumbaiGolden Pagoda,  No.1952Nd Friday Of Every Month
MumbaiJehangir Mody,  No.205Ist Fri (Jul) ,2Nd Fri(June),3Rd Fri(Mar,Sep.),4Th Fri(Jan)
MumbaiUnity,  No.2071St Tuesday(Jul,Nov,Dec And 2Nd Thurs In Aug)
MumbaiKhurshedji Cama Rustomji,  No.2093Rd Thursday In Jan, Mar, Jul, Nov
MumbaiJustice Dinshah Madon,  No.2104Th Monday In Jan, Mar, Jun,Jul, Sep,Nov
MumbaiNoshir Mehta,  No.2463Rd Wed In Jan,Feb,Apr,Jul,Nov & 1St Fri In Jun,Aug,Oct
MumbaiFreedom,  No.2964Th Satuday Except May, Aug, Oct
MussoorieDalhousie,  No.10First Saturday (March To Dec.)
MuzaffarnagarVictory,  No.2134Th Saturday Of Every Month
MysoreMysore,  No.34First Saturday Of Every Month
MysoreJayachamaraja,  No.3082Nd Saturday Of Every Month
NagpurSt.Andrew'S,  No.6Second Saturday Of Every Month
NagpurRadiance,  No.1164Th Thursday Except May
NagpurBenevolence,  No.1172Nd Sunday In Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct& 30Th Of Dec.
NagpurSunder Raza,  No.1332Nd Wednesday In Every Month
NagpurMatheran,  No.1354Th Sunday Of Every Month
NagpurBhogilal Shah,  No.147Ist Wednesday Of Every Month
NagpurGondwana,  No.2261St Sunday (Except Apr, May)
NagpurTrimurty,  No.2943Rd Sunday Of Every Month
NagpurGolden Orange,  No.3043Rd Wednesday In Every Month
NagpurNagpur Past Masters,  No.3423Rd Friday Of Mar, Jun,Sep, Dec
NagpurVivekananda,  No.367First Thursday Of Every Month
NainitalKumaon,  No.1483Rd Saturday(March To Nov And Ist Sunday In Dec.)
NashikNashik,  No.3582Nd Saturday In Jan, Mar,Apr,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Nov,Dec
New DelhiSt.John The Evangelist,  No.223Rd Wednesday Of Every Month
New DelhiIndustry,  No.232Nd Saturday Of Every Month (Except June)
New DelhiTruine Brotherhood,  No.42Last Day Of Every Month Except Dec & Ist Sunday In Jan.
New DelhiTakht-I-Suliman,  No.6529Th Of Every Month Except February
New DelhiElysium,  No.693Rd Thursday(Except June & July)
New DelhiImperial,  No.962Nd Friday Of Every Month
New DelhiRaisina,  No.972Nd Wednesday Of Every Month
New DelhiRaza,  No.1121St Thursday Of Every Month
New DelhiSunder Heera,  No.1193Rd Saturday Of Every Month
New DelhiBharat Mata Masters,  No.1211St Friday(Feb,May,Aug,Nov)
New DelhiIndraprastha,  No.1241St Saturday(Except Jan,June,July)
New DelhiSamyukta Sena,  No.1261St Wednesday (Except May,June,July)
New DelhiEast & West,  No.1274Th Wednesday Of Every Month
New DelhiIrish Friendship,  No.1281St Friday Of Every Month
New DelhiPunjab,  No.1294Th Friday (Except May & June)
New DelhiRaza Jubilee,  No.13229Th Day Except June & Dec.And Last Day In February
New DelhiJustitia,  No.1373Rd Friday(Except June & July)
New DelhiFormanite,  No.1551St Saturday Of Every Month
New DelhiH.H.The Nawab Of Rampur,  No.1783Rd Wednesday (Except May & June)
New DelhiProfessor Thacker,  No.1883Rd Monday Of Every Month (Except May,Jun,Jul)
New DelhiRajdhani,  No.19730Th Day Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Sep,Nov
New DelhiDharma,  No.2083Rd Friday(Except Feb,June Oct)
New DelhiUnited Nations,  No.2272Nd Monday Of Every Month (Except June,Aug)
New DelhiDhanvantri,  No.2723Rd Sunday Of Every Month (Except May, Jun)
New DelhiAccountants,  No.2772Nd Thursday Of Every Month
New DelhiJustice Prakash Narain,  No.2812Nd Friday (Except June,July)
New DelhiIndus,  No.2844Th Monday Of Every Month
New DelhiBhrigu Chetan,  No.3212Nd Wed Of Every Month And 2Nd Sun Of Jan
New DelhiRaisina Hill,  No.3224Th Wednesday (Except May & June)
New DelhiStar Of Delhi,  No.3284Th Friday Of Every Month Except June
New DelhiSincerity,  No.3622Nd Sunday Of Every Month
New DelhiPinnacle,  No.3644Th Saturday (Except June & July)
New DelhiRising Star,  No.3662Nd Saturday Of Every Month
New DelhiGolden Jubilee,  No.3733Rd Wednesday Of Every Month (Except June, July)
NoidaSwarn Jayanti,  No.3122Nd Friday Of Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct,Dec
OorgaumSouthern Cross,  No.243Rd Saturday Of Every Month
OotyOoty,  No.2924Th Saturday Of Every Month(Except July,Nov,Dec)
PalaiPalai,  No.3181St Saturday Of Jan,Mar,May,Jul,Oct,Dec
PalayamcottaiSourthern Cross,  No.46Penultimate Saturday Of Every Month
PalghatPalghat,  No.1592Nd Saturday Of Every Month
PanchganiPanchgani,  No.2763Rd Sat In Feb,Apr,Sep,Dec At Panchgani &
3Rd Tues In May,Jun,Jul,Oct,Nov Jan At Pune
PatialaPhulkian,  No.942Nd Saturday Of Every Month
PathanamthittaSabaridesam,  No.3742Nd Sunday Of Every Month
PatnaPatna,  No.1052Nd Friday (Except Jul,Aug,Oct,)
PollachiPollachi,  No.3762Nd Tuesday Of Every Month Except May & Dec.
PondicherryBharathi,  No.161Last Saturday Of Every Month
PratapgarhPachauri,  No.2141St Saturday(Except May And June)
PratapgarhBhola,  No.3442Nd Saturday Of Every Month
PunePestonji Kapadia,  No.1492Nd Monday Of Every Month
PuneGeneral Willams,  No.1653Rd Thursday Of Every Month
PuneDr.Maneckji Modi,  No.2563Rd Friday Of Every Month
RaipurChhattisgarh,  No.85Last Saturday Of Every Month
RaipurBhilai,  No.1692Nd Saturday Of Every Month
RajahmundryGodavery,  No.891St Sunday Of Every Month
RajkotKathiawar,  No.592Nd Saturday Of Every Month
Rajkot, Baroda, Ahmedabad, SuratGujarat Past Masters,  No.3714Th Sunday Of Feb, May, Aug,Nov
RanchiRanchi,  No.1041St Tuesday (Except May & June)
RoorkeeGen.Williams Roorkee,  No.1513Rd Saturday Of Every Month
SaharanpurComrades,  No.663Rd Wednesday Of Every Month
SalemSalem,  No.79Panultimate Sat(In Dec.When On Sat Falling Between 15Th&21St
SalemJyothi,  No.253Last Saturday Of Every Month (Except April)
Sant Kabir NagarSant Kabir,  No.3473Rd Sunday In Jan., April,Jun,Jul,Sep,& Dec
SecunderabadMayo,  No.193Rd Saturday Of Every Month
SecunderabadEkram,  No.451St Thursday Of Every Month
SecunderabadItalia Williams Manian,  No.1581St Tuesday Of Every Month
SecunderabadRaksha Sena,  No.1622Nd Wednesday Of Every Month
SecunderabadNaoshir Chenoy,  No.1874Th Monday (Except May, Aug,Nov)
SecunderabadEagle,  No.3342Nd Tuesdayof Jan,Apr,Jul & Oct
SecunderabadThe Model,  No.3351St Saturday Of Every Month (Except Feb,May,Aug,Nov)
SecundrabadSecuderabad,  No.2112Nd Monday Of Every Month (Except May)
ShillongShillong,  No.613Rd Thursday(April To Oct., 10 Day Of March,1St Thurs Of Nov
ShimlaProspect,  No.921St Wednesday(April To Dec.)(2Nd Sat.In March)
ShimlaHimparbat,  No.2332Nd Saturday (April To Dec)
ShimlaKinner Kailash,  No.320First Sunday (April To Dec)
SilcharLight On The Barak,  No.3541St Thursday Of Apr,Jul,Oct
SrikakulamKalinga,  No.3373Rd Sunday Of Every Month
SuratHamilton,  No.26Third Saturday Of Every Month
SuratDr.Sarosh Bhacca,  No.2292Nd Saturday Of Every Month
ThanjavurGoodwill & Peace,  No.1893Rd Saturday Of Every Month  (Except May)
ThiruvananthapuramTravancore,  No.3294Th Sunday Of Every Month Except Dec
TiruchirapalliTrinity,  No.1713Rd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May)
TiruchirapalliTiruchirapalli,  No.2032Nd Saturday Of Every Month (Except May)
TiruchirapalliPadmagiri,  No.2604Th Saturday Of Every Month (Except May)
TirunelveliTamiravarni,  No.2891St Saturday Of Every Month
TirupurTirupur,  No.324Last Tuesday Of Every Month Except Jun & Dec
TrichurTrichur,  No.1803Rd Saturday Of Every Month
TrivandrumTrivandrum,  No.1683Rd Saturday Of Every Month
TrivandrumAnanthapadmanabha,  No.280Friday Preceding 2Nd Saturday Of Every Month
TuticorinPearl City,  No.290Last Saturday Of Every Month
UdaipurMewar,  No.2593Rd Saturday Of Every Month
UdaipurKarni,  No.3321St Saturday Of Every Month
ValparaiAnamallai,  No.1062Nd Thursday Of Every Month
VaranasiFraternity And Preserverance,  No.314Th Friday Of Every Month
VaranasiAtal Sen,  No.773Rd Saturday (Jan,Feb.,Mar,Oct,Nov,Dec.)
VaranasiSunut,  No.804Th Saturday Of Every Month
VaranasiFragrance Of Brotherely Love,  No.2502Nd Saturday(Except May & June)
VaranasiBuddha,  No.2701St Friday Of Every Month
VashiNavi Mumbai,  No.3594Th Friday Of Jan,Mar,Apr,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Nov,Dec
VelloreArcot,  No.3773Rd Sunday Of Every Month Except April, May And June
VidishaVidisha,  No.2621St Saturday Of Every Month
VijayawadaBurroughs Strange,  No.87Penulimate Saturday Of Every Month
VijayawadaGoddess Kanakadurga,  No.3312Nd Saturday Of Every Month
VisakhapatnamWaltair,  No.563Rd Saturday Of Every Month
VisakhapatnamUniversity,  No.1424Th Friday Of Every Month
VisakhapatnamCoromandel,  No.1862Nd Saturday Of Every Month
VisakhapatnamAndhra Masters,  No.3162Nd Sunday Of Feb.,May,Aug,Nov
VisakhapatnamBheemli,  No.3384Th Sunday Of Every Month
VizianagaramNicopolis,  No.81Last Tuesday Of Every Month (In Dec. On 31St)
WarrangalAbhyarudhra,  No.2784Th Sunday Of Every Month (Except May)
WynadWynad,  No.3144Th Saturdayof Every Month
YamunanagarSindhuvan,  No.2161St Saturday Of Every Month
YercaudMontfort,  No.2492Nd Saturday Of Feb,Apr,Jun,Aug,Oct,Dec